High Power Microwave System technology. Escape Dynamics designed and built a 100kW-class high power microwave system operating in a continuous wave (CW) mode at 92.3GHz. The system incorporates a gyrotron, a power conditioning unit designed to supply highly stable current and voltage and a modular power supply unit. The gyrotron and the power conditioning unit, which provides power to the gyrotron, are designed and built in-house by Escape Dynamics’ team and conform to the highest levels of performance and efficiency.

The primary application for the high power microwave system in our lab is to provide power to a wireless energy transfer system that delivers a microwave beam to externally powered engines. The beam is converted in the engine into a highly efficient, combustion-free thrust.

EDI is currently developing a 500kW CW system at 92.3GHz designed to fully support the needs of an orbital launch facility.

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